Manoj Kumar Gupta

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

People Aggregator:

When I joined the Company, PA was in the initial stage of development, Developers were working on APIs. And when I was asked to go through this application, I was unable to understand, what this application exactly do. At that time, I logged few bugs only on the basis of my prior experience of Testing. But now after 4-5 months, This application is now in a stable position (touch wood) and we are planning for a release in this month. Now It contains so much of features that User will never be bore, they will keep continue exploring this application further, and we are going to add more and more features in future releases. UI is better again as our other applications, and this is the beauty of Tekriti, we have a very good team of UI developers. And from QA point of view, I am also in favor of no compromise attitude for UI. During the QA of this application, I came to know a lot in different areas of development including QA. Same was not with other projects, I worked on. This is because of Tekriti Culture, Here you are allowed to work on your interests. Thanks GAM!! for that. While working on QA of this application, I came to make following points:

1. Target User should always be in mind, I have seen, while development, developers try to implement functions, so that application can use that feature, but for whom? User contain a wide range of persons and we'll have to keep in mind, most of the categories of Users.

2. Basic things we miss, thats what we need QA to check, It includes, to ensure proper functioning of the application, and to find out further features to be added to improve the Usability of the application.

Above all, It is a great experience to be a part of this Project.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tekriti Softwares My Company:
I joined this company on 2nd of January of this year, and It is great pleasure to be a part of Teknokrates. Company has a vision. So far I have worked with 3 companies. No doubt experience with all was very good and I came to know a lot. And during this short duration I came to know one thing that It's not possible to stay in market without having a vision. Company's are targeting to gain more and more profits. It's true that profit is the main thing, But there are different ways to do things. Only the smart way counts. Thats the all Tekriti means. Here We have 3 persons to guide, to encourage, and all of them are very nice and helpful. Besides of them we have a very good team. I am sure that It would be a great experience to be a part of Teknokrates. You can visit my company's site: